Wednesday, June 17

Who am I?

Often time when I read a blog, I learn bits and pieces about the writers through the content and the style. Those writers whom I feel a connection with, I often wonder about their backgrounds. Guess, I'm just curious like that. I decided to offer a little glimpse into who I am. Just so you know I am pretty harmless although I do talk to myself aloud once in a while ;)

1. I am a child a God. Baptized as a Roman Catholic and proud to be one.
2. I am happily married to a wonderful man.
3. I was born in Sarawak, Malaysia.
4. I came to Singapore to pursue my studies at age 18.
5. I have lived in Singapore since.
6. I live in the United States of America (North California) currently.
7. I was diagnosed with Moya Moya Disease at age 28.
8. I went through 2 brain bypasses in July and September 07 respectively.
9. I suffered several mini strokes and had a major one which led me to have Homonymous Hemianopia
10. I studied Psychology as my major in undergraduate. I love Psychology.
11. I worked as a Psychologist for 3 years.
12. I pursued my interest in addiction work and became a certified Substance Abuse counsellor.
13. I am taking a break from work to enjoy my new life in the States.
14. I enjoy learning new things, going to new places and meeting like-minded people.
15. I tend to be serious.
16. I am a typical Piscean
17. I love being in the nature.
18. I love to cook.
19. I enjoy walks.
20. I believe in friendship and girlfriends rock!
21. I learn that human beings are more resilient than they imagine.
22. I indulge in introspection.
23. I love to travel to new places.
24. I enjoy taking photographs.
25. I am a keen learner and a good student.
26. I aspire to be a good wife and mother.
27. I hope to realize my full potential.
28. I enjoy imparting knowledge.
29. I am an achiever and I am goal-driven.
30. I am a survivor.

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