Thursday, June 11

How to...

uplift your (occasional) low mood?

Everyone has those days before. You wake up feeling a little out of sort and can't quite pinpoint what exactly make you feel so "weird". The worst thing is you engage in pep talk and you feel worse. What should you do next?

I discover that sometimes it is more useful to switch from a thinking mode to other medium when you are stuck. For example from thoughts (word) to images or audio. I used to subscribe to Webshots where I can download gorgeous wallpapers. After a difficult session at work, i found comfort in looking at the pictures. Somehow they took my mind off the situation that i was in and my mood improved. This tip actually came from a friend. She said that we must store "wallpapers" in our mind of beautiful places or pictures so that we can pull them out and remember those moments when we feel down.

I have several wallpapers that I like to extract whenever i feel a little down. Here is one of my wallpapers that usually does the work.

This picture was taken at Railay beach in Krabi, Thailand. We saw this beautiful sunset after a wonderful afternoon of rock climbing. I was feeling high from completing 3 climbs (first time ever) and was mighty pleased. As an icing on the cake, we were treated to this gorgeous gorgeous sight as we return to the beach to wait for the boat to take us to Ao Nang. Seated on the mat with a large backpack was our instructor who was really helpful and patient. I remember sitting on that mat admiring the beauty, wishing time would freeze. It was awesome.

As i recall this story now, the memory is so vivid. My heart rate slows down and I feel a lot calmer and at peace. I feel like I have been transported back to Railay.

This is an example of Imagery Relaxation

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