Thursday, August 12

Word of God: Jeremiah 31:3

The other day I was feeling overwhelmed and confused. It is one of those days when I feel extra small, uncertain of my future and doubtful of my abilities. I turned to the meditation of the day from The Word Among Us, more out of habit rather faith that God would speak to me. Somehow God didn't care about my motivation as I was brought to tears. The verse that stared back at me was this:

“With age-old love, I have loved you; so I have kept my mercy toward you.” (Jeremiah 31:3)

Couldn't He be louder?

Years ago I attended a very special love retreat and this same verse was chosen to help us meditate on God's steadfast love for us. Amazing things happened that day and I experienced the love of God in a tangible and unforgettable way. I realised that God was indeed speaking to me that day when I was feeling down. He reminded me that He has loved me and will continue to do so. Past participle tense because that action has been completed through His death on the cross. No matter how troubled or lost I feel He loves and cares for me. I need not fear because I am not walking alone.

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