Monday, March 1

Introducing Fitbit

After been through challenging health crises in the last few years, I fully appreciate the importance of good health. Keeping fit and healthy requires commitment and discipline. Like many it is way to easy for me to slide and slacken. The intention remains just that - an intention. Thus, whatever help that one can receive makes a great difference.

Thankfully I have a tech savvy guy for a husband and whenever possible he will try to convert his wife into one. I was gifted Fitbit at the start of new year. This small and wearable gadget is big in its uses. Firstly it serves as a pedometer to track the number of steps you take each day. In addition, it tracks the amount of calories that you burn and if you're diligent enough to input the foods that you consume it can track that too. In addition, it tracks your sleep quality. For that to happen, you must remember to hold the button till it says "start" and "stop" it when you wake. I tend to forget to do this most of the time!

Here it is!

I've been using it for 2 months and it has been useful. It makes me feel motivated when I see the chart going up in terms of activity and of course when the weight goes down I'm even more delighted. All you have to do it to wear it (it's very light) all the time and you're good to go. What is wonderful about it is that you can sync the data unto your computer. If you are anal about keeping records, this is simply perfect! What is not so perfect is that because it is so tiny it tends to come off easily and unfortunately I have dropped it once too often :( Otherwise, it is a good investment.

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