Tuesday, March 9

Becoming aware

One of my favourite pastimes is to walk. Near our apartment there is a large waterfront and that really make my walk a lot more interesting. I usually have the company of the birds and ducks and looking at the animals and flowers relax me. I have been down with a slight cold and thus been cooped up at home. Today the weather was too beautiful to pass up so I laced my trusty shoes and went out. The warmth of the sun ray felt so wonderful. There was soft breeze and I could hear the sound of the vehicles in the distance.

As I walked, I sharpened my senses and became acutely aware of my body movement as well as my breath. I am grateful that all my senses are intact, that I am able to walk and see all that nature has to offer. I stopped to look at the flowers that were in bloom. There are so pretty!

I took a quick break and decided to stretch out in order absorb the sun. I closed my eyes and imagine the ray strengthening my body. Like the plant, I drew energy from the sun. As I took deep breaths I felt immensely grateful to be alive.

Try this exercise when you're feeling tired and depleted.

Stand in the sun and stretch out your hands. Tilt your head up and absorb the energy from the sun. Take deep and slow breaths. Slow down. Look at the scenery like it is the first time you're seeing it. Be grateful that you are alive.

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