Thursday, July 2


When i think of ark i think of Noah and the ark. Not too long ago a friend told me that ARK also stands for Act of Random Kindness. Here is my attempt at ARK and a story about a young fighter.

Being ill is difficult. When your child is ill, it is so much harder because the feeling of helplessness is so overwhelming.

I read with sadness the story of Feisty Princess Charmaine. A 4-year-old who is suffering from neuroblastoma stage 4.

When I had to go through my treatment for Moya-Moya Disease, I was 31 years old. It was slightly easier for me to go through the various investigations and eventually 2 brain bypasses because I understood the situation I was in. I was also really blessed because there was a neurosurgeon in Singapore who was confident to perform the delicate operations. I was covered by medical insurance so I didn't have to worry about finances. I had strong support from family and friends. I also had people whom I don't know praying for me. I was deeply moved that they cared enough to do so and I was encouraged to keep fighting.

I am so much luckier compared to Cynthia, Charmaine's mom. I can only imagine the pain she is going through to see her precious daughter suffering, not knowing if she will have the chance to go through the necessary treatment in the U.S. Charmaine is just a child who has been given a huge trial and she needs our help. I don't know Charmaine personally. I don't have a child of my own. I do have nieces and nephews and friends with kids around Charmaine's age. This is the age where they are full of curiosity and joy and they show great promise. Looking at Charmaine's pictures, i can tell how much joy she brings to those around her.

Have a look at this precious girl

Do give Charmaine, her family and supporters a chance to surmount this huge trial.

More info on how to donate here.

Feisty Char needs bullets to fight!

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